Ramakrishna Mission Land Grab: 11th accused arrested in Siliguri

Siliguri, 09th June: The Bhakti Nagar police arrested one more individual in connection with the land-grabbing case of the Ramakrishna Mission in Siliguri. The individual apprehended is identified as Sushant Das (52), hailing from the Milan More area of Siliguri.

Reportedly, Sushant Das, a notorious member of the land mafia, was taken into custody from the Gandhi Maidan area on Saturday night. Subsequently, Das is indicted with multiple charges related to the attempted land grab.

Notably, on May 19, individuals associated with the land mafia, attempted to seize control of the mission’s property using firearms and sharp weapons. During this, the security personnel and others were reportedly threatened with violence to vacate the premises. Following this, the Ramakrishna Mission promptly filed a formal complaint with the Bhakti Nagar police station.

As a result, the law enforcement officials took apprehended five members of the KGF gang in connection to the case and arrested three more after further investigation. Alok Das, identified as the mastermind behind the KGF gang, was also taken into custody. Finally, on the evening of June 1, the main accused, Pradeep Roy, was apprehended.

The recent arrest of Sushant Das is the eleventh individual arrested in connection with the ongoing investigation into the land-grabbing incident. Currently, the police are further probing into the case.

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