Rabindra Nagar Murder Update: Forensic team to arrive by next week

Siliguri, 05th December: A forensic team is likely to reach Siliguri from Kolkata the crime scene by next week to investigate the murder case of Rabindra Nagar in Siliguri. Members of the forensic team will also inspect the house in front of which the body of Sushil Das was recovered, besides inspecting the scene.

It is to be noted, the Siliguri police have arrested Goutam Deb and Gaurav Deb in connection with the murder of the ragman Sushil Das and took them into custody for seven days. The police will try to obtain the motive behind the murder and the item used for killing the man.

It is to recall that Sushil Das, a resident of Niranjan Nagar, was allegedly killed in the lane next to Rabindra Nagar Basic School, on November 30. His body was found lying on the streets in front of a residence with deep bruises on the back of his head.

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