Protests erupt in Siliguri District Hospital following woman’s death after childbirth, family alleges hospital negligence

Siliguri, 25th May: Sensational prevailed at Siliguri District Hospital after the news of a woman’s demise after childbirth spread like wildfire. Aggrieved family members staged protests this morning at the hospital, demanding answers and accountability. The deceased, identified as Mala Sarkar Majumdar, wife of Samrat Majumdar and a resident of Chayanpara, Siliguri, had been admitted to Siliguri District Hospital. Tragically, Mala passed away today, just one day after delivering a baby boy via C-section.

According to the family, Mala’s condition had initially appeared stable after the delivery, as she had been in communication with them the night before. However, shocking news reached them in the morning of May 25, indicating a sudden deterioration in her health. In a state of disbelief and anguish, they rushed to the hospital, only to learn of Mala’s tragic demise. Filled with anger and grief, the distraught family members pointed fingers at the hospital, alleging negligence as the cause of her death.

Siliguri police arrived at the scene and tried to control the situation.. Chandan Ghosh, the Superintendent of Siliguri District Hospital, assured the aggrieved family and the public of a thorough investigation into the matter, aiming to ascertain the circumstances surrounding Mala’s untimely demise.

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