Pradhan Nagar Police Station IC closed, officials yet to elaborate on the matter

Siliguri, 30th July: Shubhashish Chaki who has been serving as the IC of Pradhan Nagar Police Station for a long time was closed on Friday night. While the announcement was made by the Siliguri Police Commissioner Gaurav Sharma, the police officials are yet to elaborate on the cause for the move. The Commissioner said the decision to be an "internal matter" of the police department. 

According to police sources, two people from the crime wing of the said police station have been transferred. It is being speculated that the directive was made in regards to the recent raid and arrest at a restaurant near Dagapur. The personnel of Pradhan Nagar police raided the restaurant and also made a few arrests. It has been alleged that some police at the said police station were already aware of the illegal sale of liquor at the restaurant.

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