MP Raju Bista visits flood-hit Teesta Bazar area

Kalimpong, 15th June: Sikkim has been struck by heavy rains, causing widespread landslides and flooding in various areas. The Teesta River has swollen significantly, leading to several road closures and numerous houses being submerged in the Teesta Bazar area of Kalimpong district.

In response, Darjeeling MP Raju Bista visited the affected Teesta Bazar area on Saturday. During his visit, Bista engaged with the residents, listening to their complaints and concerns about the damage caused by the flooding.

Raju Bista criticized the state government and GTA for their lack of action in the affected areas. He assured the residents that the central government stands in solidarity with the victims. As both an MP and on a personal level, Bista committed to providing as much assistance as possible to those impacted.

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