More beds added in Jalpaiguri Biswa Bangla Krirangan’s COVID hospital

Jalpaiguri, 07th August: The number of beds was increased in the CCU of Jalpaiguri Biswa Bangla Krirangan’s COVID hospital. The district health department also claimed that more doctors and nurses will be appointed to tend the COVID patients.

Reportedly, 1699 people have been infected with coronavirus in Jalpaiguri district so far and 1,208 people have been discharged from the hospital. The death toll stands at 13. Meanwhile, keeping in mind the increasing number of patients, 20 more beds have been added to the hospital’s CCU.

COVID-19 OSD Dr Susanta Roy stated that there are 18 beds as of now and more 20 beds are being added to CCU. Besides, there are 22 nurses and 5 more trainee nurses have been appointed. The number of doctors has also been increased.

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