Minister Goutam Deb took a jibe at Sayantan Basu concerning the center’s farm bill


Siliguri, 25th September: The Trinamool Yuva Congress took to the streets against the centre’s farm bill. The rally commenced from Siliguri’s Baghajatin Park and toured various parts of the city.

In the interest of the farmers, the workers were spotted with ploughs in their hands. Minister Goutam Deb, Trinamool leader Ranjan Sarkar, Bedabrata Dutta, and all leaders of the Trinamool Yuva Congress were present during the rally.

Meanwhile, BJP state general secretary Sayantan Basu accused the state government of conspiring against the said bill. As a response to the remark, Goutam Deb stated that a person who has no power to win a panchayat vote should not be given attention to.

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