Man jumps into Teesta Canal in Fulbari, shocks residents

Fulbari, 16th June: In a shocking incident that unfolded late last night, a man was reported to have jumped into the Teesta Canal under mysterious circumstances. The incident occurred near the Putimari area of Fulbari-II Gram Panchayat, causing a stir among local residents.

Eyewitnesses present at the scene stated that around 11 o’clock on Saturday night, they spotted an individual standing at one end of the canal bridge with a bicycle. The individual could not be identified due to the darkness. However, moments later, the person left his bicycle and shoes on the bridge and jumped into the Teesta Canal. Subsequently, the individual was immediately swept away by the strong current of the canal.

Local authorities were promptly alerted, and officers from the NJP police station rushed to the scene. The police retrieved the bicycle and shoes from the bridge and initiated a search operation to ascertain if anyone from the locality was reported missing.

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