Kalimpong woman dies while returning home on a Shramik Special train

Siliguri, 29th May: Krita Sherpa, a laborer and a resident of Kalimpong Algarah, reportedly fell sick while she was travelling her way back home in a Shramik Special train. It has been alleged that despite seeking help from the railway workers and officials, no treatment was provided to her. As a result, she breathed her last shortly after.

In this context, GTA Chairman Anit Thapa stated that the incident took place after the family boarded a Shramik Special train in Delhi. Upon receiving the news, arrangements were made immediately to bring the dead body from Etawah in Uttar Pradesh.

Meanwhile, an autopsy revealed that the deceased was not infected with the coronavirus. Arrangements were then made to take the body to Kalimpong in an ambulance.

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