Iron rod thieves caught amid search for cow thief in Fulbari

Fulbari, 10th July: In a surprising turn of events, villagers in Changrabandha, Fulbari, apprehended an iron rod thieves while searching for a cow thief, leading to a significant recovery of stolen goods.


The incident unfolded after a cow was reported stolen from the residence of Maneswar Roy in the Changrabandha village area of Fulbari II. In response, villagers, including Roy, embarked on a search for the missing cow and its thief.


During their search, villagers detained two suspects. Upon interrogation, it was revealed that the suspects were not involved in the cow theft but had stolen iron rods instead. The New Jalpaiguri police station was promptly notified.


Police arrived at the scene, further interrogated the suspects, and recovered several quintals of iron rods from an empty field in the nearby Kanchanbari area. The two suspects were arrested and taken to New Jalpaiguri police station for further investigation.

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