Investigation of Rabindra Nagar Murder case reveals shocking skeletons of the past

Siliguri, 04th December: During the investigation of Siliguri’s Rabindra Nagar murder case, the police got hold of several skeletons of the past buried away for years. Two brothers identified as Goutam Deb and Gourab Deb have already been taken into police custody for 07 days in connection to the mysterious death of Sushil Das which was reported on November 30.

During the investigation, the police came to know regarding a 2016 incident where a child was found dead mysteriously in front of the same house where the body of Sushil Das was recovered. The child's father, Bappa Mandal, stated that his son Shubham Mandal died on 19 April 2016 when he was just 12 years old. His body was lying in front of the gate of the said house with foam coming out of his mouth. 

According to Bappa Mandal, an autopsy was carried out but the family did not take the postmortem report as they allegedly came under the pressure of the then house owner Gouranga Dev, who constrained Mandal from lodging a complaint at the police station. As a result, the child's death has remained a mystery for more than 4 years. 

Now that Bappa Mandal has stepped forward asking questions regarding his son's death, the police will be investigating both the incidents.

It is to recall that Sushil Das, a resident of Niranjan Nagar, was allegedly killed in the lane next to Rabindra Nagar Basic School. His body was found lying on the streets in front of a residence. He had deep bruises on the back of his head. 

It has been learned that Das was a ragman by profession and used to carry scales and weights in a shopping bag to measure rags collected by him. The same bag was later recovered inside a house situated close to the crime scene. Following this, the police arrested two brothers Goutam Deb and Gourav Deb from the house and were produced before the court today. A forensic team will also arrive at the said house within a few days and will look into various aspects of the investigation.

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