Higher secondary examinee injured in a road accident in Islampur

Islampur, 14th March: A higher secondary examinee sustained injuries after he met with an accident while on his way to the examination center.

According to sources, Gaur Pahan, a student of Kunoir High School in North Dinajpur district, was on his way to the examination center, on a vehicle, on Saturday. Pahan suddenly fell from the vehicle and injured himself. Pahan was immediately rushed to the Kaliyaganj State General Hospital.

Upon receiving the news of the incident, Kartik Chandra Pal, the Chairman of the Kaliyaganj Municipality, Co-Mentor Asim Ghosh, MLA Tapan Deb Singh, IC Ashish Dolui of Kaliyaganj Police station and the teachers of the school arrived at the hospital. After initial treatment, the student appeared for the English examination at the hospital itself.

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