High voltage power lines over Balbari Akramia High Madrasah pose threat to residents

Rajganj, 31st March: High voltage power lines over the Balbari Akramia High Madrasah are posing threat to the residents of the Rajganj Sannyasikata area. Allegedly, the power department is aware of the matter, however, no initiatives have been taken so far on their behalf. The people of the area including students and teachers are in a state of panic.

Reportedly, a 11,000 volt power line is situated over the Balabari Ekramia High Madrasa in Rajganj Sannyasikata. Any occurrence of a natural calamity could lead to a major accident.

According to the school authorities, the Fulbari power supply department was informed in writing to remove the wires. However, no initiatives were taken. In this regard, the guardians fear that a big accident can occur at any time. They demanded an immediate solution in this regard.

Saukat Ali, a member of the school management committee and a local panchayat member, said that no initiatives have been taken despite reporting the matter to the power supply department several times. He warned to stage demonstrations with the students and guardians after the elections are over.

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