Hand sanitizers disappear from Siliguri markets amid Coronavirus scare

Siliguri, 12th March: The number of coronavirus victims, and its terror, has been increasing all over the country. The use of hand sanitizers and masks has also increased. However, due to an increase in demand, hand sanitizers have been sold out in the shopping malls and medical shops in Siliguri. The dealers stated that due to the rapid increase in the demand for sanitizers, many customers are returning empty-handed from the shops around the city.

In this context, the District Secretary of the Bengal Chemists & Druggists Association, Bijay Gupta, stated that he had contacted several companies to meet the demand for the sanitizers. Meanwhile, the companies have assured that the sanitizers will be supplied as soon as possible, however, it is still unknown as to when the sanitizers will be available in the market.

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