Encroachments on footpaths in Fulbari become a major hurdle for pedestrians

Rajganj, 19th November: With footpaths and pavements being encroached by vendors in Fulbari, pedestrians are facing immense difficulties passing through the area. Eventually, being compelled to use the busy roads which at times lead to accidents.

Several questions are being raised on the role of the administration as markets are adamantly set up near the four-laned paved road in front of the 10th and 12th Armed Police Barracks in Fulbari.

Reportedly, every morning, shops are set up on the footpaths and dividers in front of the barracks. As a result, pedestrians find it a challenging task to pass through the area. Besides, the paver blocks are also getting damaged in the process. Troubled by the circumstances, locals demand the market to be shifted elsewhere and also follow social distancing.

Bidhan Sarkar, secretary of the Battalion More Vyavasayee Samiti, said that the matter should be looked into by the administration immediately.

Meanwhile, Gram Panchayat Pradhan Dilip Roy said that people are facing difficulties in their daily commute as every morning, the footpaths are occupied by traders. He alleged that despite carrying out campaigns in this regard, no solution has been figured out yet. More campaigns are likely to be carried out soon.

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