Dhakis living under severe crisis before Vishwakarma puja

Siliguri, 16th September: In light of the coronavirus outbreak, Vishwakarma Puja which falls on September 17 will be celebrated modestly owing to the ongoing pandemic. While every year the day is celebrated across the city with much pomp and enthusiasm, the scenario is expected to be completely different this year.

Like every other year, the dhakis (traditional drummer) arrived at Siliguri Town Station this year as well. However, the number was comparatively less this year than the other years.

The dhakis stated that due to the fewer number of pujas, they have not received any bookings from the puja pandals. As a result, they are facing extreme difficulties.

Nirmal Rishi, a dhaki, stated that last year, they were paid 2-3 months before Vishwakarma Puja. However, this year, the scenario is completely different.

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