Darjeeling Session Court awards death sentence to man for brutal double murder

Darjeeling, 14th October: Darjeeling Session Court, on Wednesday, awarded death sentence to accused Padam Subba (43) for brutally killing his neighbour Maya Subba (50) and her minor daughter Pragya Subba (13).

According to Public Prosecutor, Pranay Rai, the incident took place 3 years ago on 02nd September 2017 in Nayanor Gram Panchayat, Upper Gairigaon under Pul Bazaar police station. A relative of the victims, Dambar Subba, who lives nearby heard cries coming from their house late night around 10 pm.

When he came out of his house to inspect the noise, he saw Padam Subba (the accused) leaving the victim's house with a torch on one hand and a blood-stained cleaver on the other. When he asked him what had happened, Padam allegedly spoke nothing and left. As Dambar rushed inside the house, he found Maya Subba lying on a pool of blood. A few steps away he found the blood-soaked body of 13-year-old Pragya Subba.

Medical reports claimed that there was numerous severe wound on both the victim's bodies and the index finger of Pragya had been apparently chopped off.

Today, the Session Judge announced the case to be the rarest-of-the-rarest case and awarded death by hanging to Padam Subba.

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