Darjeeling Municipality releases its accounts for the month of May 2022

Darjeeling, 14th June: On behalf of the Darjeeling Municipality, Finance Department Municipal Councilor Bishnu Malla released their accounts for the month of May 2022. Reportedly, the total fund of Darjeeling Municipality was Rs 85,71,911. The Municipality collected Rs 86,38,002 from taxes, land tenure etc., taking the total amount to Rs 1,72,09,013.
Out of the total amount, Rs 86,70,000 was spent on pension, Rs 35,22,116 for the payment of employees, and Rs 2,86,338 on the stipend for college workers. Furthermore, Rs 84,066  was spent on GST and loans. Rs 91,80,236 was spent on petrol for vehicles. Deducting the total expenses, the Darjeeling Municipality on June 07 had a total fund of Rs 80,29,677.
“Our party is fulfilling the promises made during the election period and our party board has been working transparently on issues like accounts,” Malla added.

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