Coronavirus Pandemic: State to allow some relaxations starting May 1

State Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, through a press conference on Wednesday, announced a few relaxations in accordance with the orders of the central government following all precautionary and social distancing measures.

"Nobody can say when this crisis will end. Most of the countries have already announced the lockdown till the end of May and the first week of June. Our experts and doctors believe that the restrictions regarding COVID-19 should continue till the end of May," Mamata Banerjee said.

As per the information, lockdown relaxations will only be applicable from May 1, after a notification from the state government.

Here are the highlights of the press conference:

1. Buses in Green Zone will be allowed to operate from Monday. However, buses will not be allowed to ply between districts. Each bus will carry no more than 20 passengers.
2. Only few taxis will run in Green Zone and Orange Zone
3. Tea operations likely to resume in West Bengal's Jangal Mahal
4. Doctors have been appealed to open their chamber with precautions.
5. Private hospitals will remain open; and must not return any patient without attending
6. Single-unit shops such as stationery shops, colour shops, electronics, hardware, mobile, laundry, tea and paan shops will be allowed to open in Green Zones
7. CM warned people that while tea shops will open, they will not be allowed to gather there
8. Some iron-steel, factories, construction activities will also be allowed to resume work in Green Zones, provided all health protocols are followed.
9. No shops can be crowded and no shops can be opened in the market complex.
10. Hawkers corner and sidewalk shops will not be permitted to operate
11. Social gathering will be strictly prohibited
12. All such relaxations will not be applicable in containment zones
13. All must wear a mouth mask.
14. All have been urged to remain cautious throughout the month of May.

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