Central forces stationed at Naxalbari Hindi High School raise concerns among school authorities

Naxalbari, 09th July: A company of central forces has been stationed at Naxalbari Hindi High School to prevent post-poll violence, causing concern among the school authorities.

The central forces have been occupying the school premises since June 21. Despite the passage of 18 days, no alternative arrangements have been made, prompting complaints from the school authorities. Headmaster Daman Kanta Mishra has already written a letter to the Naxalbari police station expressing these concerns. The school is set to reopen next Thursday, intensifying the worries of the school authorities.

Darjeeling District Superintendent of Police Praween Prakash assured over the phone that the central forces will be relocated and there is no reason for the school to worry. He confirmed that the forces will be sent elsewhere and there will be no issues when the school reopens.

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