Businessman arrested in Siliguri for GST discrepancy

Siliguri, 03rd March: The officials of Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST) arrested a businessman in Siliguri on the charges of GST discrepancy. The arrested accused has been identified as Promod Kumar Beriwal, a resident of Kolkata.

Reportedly, Promod Kumar Beriwal owns companies in different parts of the country. Allegedly, embezzlements of around 32 crore rupees have been reported against him.

As soon as the issue of GST discrepancy came to light, CGST launched an investigation and arrested him from Siliguri. He was produced at Siliguri court today.

Ratan Banik, CGST's public prosecutor, said that the 32 crore rupees that Promod Kumar Beriwal had misappropriated in GST would go up to around 50 crore rupees including penalties. This is the first time such a big GST discrepancy has come to light in North Bengal. An investigation has been launched into the incident.

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