BSF swearing ceremony organized on Anti-Terrorism Day

Siliguri, 21st May: On 21 May 1991, former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was martyred in a terrorist attack at Thiruperumputhur ( formerly known as Sriperumbuthur) in Tamil Nadu. From this day on, every year, May 21 is celebrated as Anti-Terrorism Day.

In this context, a swearing-in ceremony was organized at the subordinate regional headquarters and Corps Headquarters of the Border Security Force (BSF) North Bengal.

Ashwini Kumar Singh, Inspector General (IG) , Frontier Headquarters of North Bengal Border Security Force, and all officers, subordinate officers and soldiers of the 51st Battalion swore to strongly oppose all forms of terrorism and violence. They pledged to establish peace, social harmony and understanding and to fight against disruptive forces that threaten human values.

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