Beautiful murals of North Bengal painted on the walls in Siliguri before Durga Puja

Siliguri, 08th October: Numerous murals of North Bengal are being painted on the walls in Siliguri. Pictures of Maa Durga are also being painted on the walls before the Puja. The roadside walls at Mahakal Pally near Mahananda Lalmohan Moulik Niranjan Ghat are also being decorated.

Artists are painting the natural diversity of North Bengal such as safari parks, tea gardens, toy trains, Kanchenjunga sports ground, Sevoke coronation bridge and the spectacular beauty of Kanchenjunga.

Subhasish Saha, a teacher at Indian Art College, said that the flora and fauna found in North Bengal are being painted on the walls for the beautification of the city.

Animesh Biswas, a former student of the college, said, “We are trying to highlight the environment around the city. Because a lot can be revealed through drawings.”

Ranjan Sarkar, a member of the governing body of SMC, said that the initiative was taken to beautify the city with mesmerising paintings of North Bengal rather than advertisements.

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