Ashok Bhattacharya faces the wrath of the locals during inspection of Mahananda Ghat

Siliguri, 11th November: Ashok Bhattacharya, the chairman of the BoA at Siliguri Municipal Corporation, faced the wrath of the locals during the inspection of Mahananda Ghat.

Incidentally, the beautification work of the banks of Mahananda river has started under the initiative of SMC. However, several problems have come up towards the completion of the work.

Meanwhile, various prohibitions have been issued regarding idol immersion during Durga Puja, Kali Puja, and Chhath Puja in compliance with the High Court's verdict. However, as railings have been made near the riverbank, people will face some difficulties in Chhath Puja. Despite submitting a memorandum to Ashok Bhattacharya in this regard, no necessary steps have been taken yet.

Ashok Bhattacharya visited the site at 7 am on Wednesday to inspect the beautification work. However, he had to face protests from some locals.

Shortly after the incident, Opposition leader Ranjan Sarkar inspected the Chhath Ghat. After examining all the issues, he appealed to postpone the beautification work and open the railings for Chhath Puja's purpose.

On the other hand, SJDA vice-chairman Nantu Pal, who was present at the scene, strongly condemned SMC’s actions.

However, Ashok Bhattacharya made it clear that all matters will be taken up in accordance with the verdict of the Green Bench.

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