Siliguri's "Pad Man" install sanitary napkin box in girls' high schools

Siliguri, 3rd March: In a unique initiative to promote menstrual hygiene, Siliguri’s very own ‘Pad Man’ installed sanitary napkin boxes in Siliguri Girls' High School. Biltu Chaudhary has been in the news for a long time for installing such boxes in public toilets. Reportedly, Biltu is a resident of Ravindranagar.

Today, he installed a sanitary napkin box at Siliguri Girls' High School. Despite being associated with a voluntary organization, this initiative is his own. Biltu Chaudhary said that such an initiative has been adopted to eliminate the problems faced by menstruating women once they leave their houses. He further requested the people to show cooperation to continue this heroic work.

As per the report, the Pad Man’s wife, Tanushree Chaudhary has been supportive in this endeavour of his. However, due to some obstacles, they are unable to install sanitary napkin boxes in some public toilets. Despite this, they aim to install sanitary napkin boxes in all public toilets and schools in the city in the coming time.

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