Siliguri Regulated Market dispute update: Normalcy returns after intervention from Kolkata

Siliguri, 9th June: The dispute between members of the Indian National Trinamool Trade Union Congress (INTTUC) which surfaced from Siliguri Regulated Market, Champasari, has been solved after the intervention of senior party leaders from Kolkata. Now the situation in the market has returned to normalcy.

Notably, under INTTUC, two factions have been formed between Umashankar and Shyam Yadav in Regulated Market which resulted in disputes. Allegedly, due to a fruit stand, the Shyam Yadav group had laid off 6 old workers, which resulted in a protest by the Umashankar group.

According to reports, under the leadership of Councillor Dilip Barman, the agitation was carried on by the Umashankar group for many days for the reinstation of the workers.

According to information, under the leadership of Councillor Dilip Barman, the Umashankar group went on a hunger strike last Wednesday. Later on Thursday night, the senior leaders from Kolkata directed the group to stop the strike and ordered to get the workers back.

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