Siliguri Police utilize Khoya Paya Portal to identify unidentified body found in Ward No. 23

Siliguri, 13th September: In an effort to unravel the mystery surrounding the unidentified body found hanging from a ventilation loop in a house located in Dabgram under Ward No. 23 of Siliguri, local police have turned to the “Khoya-Paya Portal” (Lost and Found) portal. Despite 72 hours having passed since the incident, the deceased individual remains unidentified.

While the initial assessment by the police leans toward suicide as the cause of death, the exact circumstances surrounding the incident remain shrouded in mystery. The police are eagerly awaiting the results of the post-mortem examination to determine whether the case pertains to suicide or murder. The Siliguri police station has taken proactive measures to utilize the “Khoya-Paya” portal to aid in identifying the unknown body. A photograph of the deceased, along with initial details, has been uploaded to the portal, and this information has been shared across all police stations within the Siliguri Metropolitan area.

Despite these efforts, the identity of the deceased individual has not been ascertained, and no missing person’s report corresponding to this case has been registered with any police station. Consequently, the police are preparing to publish an advertisement in local newspapers to seek public assistance in identifying the unknown body.

It is to be noted that, this perplexing case unfolded on the morning of September 11 when the lifeless body of a young man was found hanging from a ventilation loop in a house in Ward No. 23. As the investigation continues, police are relying on information from undisclosed sources to piece together the narrative surrounding the mysterious death of the unidentified individual.

ADCP Shubhendra Kumar stated that the efforts to identify the body through the “Khoya-Paya” portal are ongoing, with further conclusions pending the release of the post-mortem report.

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