Ruckus erupts amid INTTUC meeting at Regulated Market, Siliguri

Siliguri, 15th September: A meeting of INTTUC was organized in Siliguri Regulated Market today. However, as soon as the meeting started, a group of people suddenly barged in and started breaking chairs, creating a ruckus in the meeting. Upon receiving the news, a huge police force from Pradhan Nagar police station reached the spot and pacified the situation.

Allegedly, the other faction of INTTUC, which is headed by Shyam Jadav, has been held responsible for the incident. With this, it has become clear that the Trinamool Congress-backed labour organization INTTUC is divided into two factions.

Speaking on the issue, Darjeeling District President Papiya Ghosh alleged that a few people of other parties tried to create a ruckus between "brothers" (party members) by carrying out such an incident.

Furthermore, District INTTUC President Nirjal Dey alleged that some goons tried to disturb the meeting and incite agitation. "These people have no relation with the party(TMC). They were never part of the party," Dey asserted. The party members have demanded the police administration take immediate action against all involved.

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