PPE kits scattered in Fulbari Canal Road trigger panic among locals

Rajganj, 21 November: Used Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) dumped on the Fulbari Canal Road area has triggered panic among people who travel through this road. 

Locals alleged that the kits are often found scattered along the Teesta Canal road under Fulbari No. 02-gram panchayat. The PPE kits are highly exposed to germs and can be a reason for spreading the virus when coming in contact.

Reportedly, the bodies of the people who died of COVID-19 from nearby areas including Siliguri-Jalpaiguri are burnt in the electric furnace located in Sahudangi. In the course, locals speculate that the kits are thrown away while passing through the Canal Road. 

They further said that people, who are already scared due to the virus, have now become even more terrorized after seeing the used PPE kits lying out in the open. They said that the administration needs to pay more attention to the matter.

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