Petrol-diesel price hike worries taxi drivers in Alipurduar

Alipurduar, 12th May: Petrol-diesel price hike, in addition to the partial lockdown imposed across the state, is a matter of concern for many. The drivers of various passenger vehicles in Alipurduar are choosing to discontinue transport services due to the continuous increase in the fuel price.

On Wednesday, the price of petrol was Rs 92.92 and the price of diesel was Rs 86.17. Drivers of various autos, magic, safaris, and passenger vehicles in Alipurduar district said that only a handful of passengers are seen every day and on top of that the price of fuel is skyrocketing.

"If this continues, it will no longer be possible for us to continue the services," the desperate drivers added.

Meanwhile, Alok Mitra, a petrol pump manager in the Hasimara area, said oil sales dropped by 50% in the past week. "If this continues, the pump has to be shut down," he said.

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