Officials take to the streets to remove encroachment on Iskcon Road

Siliguri, 08th August: Every day, people face numerous problems due to unwanted traffic jams mainly caused by the encroachment of roadsides and drains. In regard to this, on Monday, the authorities were seen in the streets removing the encroachment from the roads.

Iskcon Road is said to be one of the busiest roads in the city. There are many shops and businesses in the area. Furthermore, encroachments have made traffic jam a common sight in the area. Pritikana Biswas Chairperson of Borough No. 5 and Munna Prasad, Councilor of Ward No. 40, took to the streets to make the area free of congestion.

He ordered the removal of encroachments on the road by the businessmen. Chairperson Pritikana said that strict action and measures will be taken if encroachments are not removed from the road within the next seven days. He also advised not to use plastic and generated awareness about the plastic ban.

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