New cremation ground to be built in Porajhar: Goutam Deb

Siliguri, 20th November: Days after the cremation furnace in Kiran Chandra Burning Ghat malfunctioned, Goutam Deb, Chairman of Board of Administrators of Siliguri Municipal Corporation, announced that a new cremation ground to be built in Porajhar near Noukaghat in the coming days.

As per the information, the citizens, as well as the administration, are facing numerous obstacles due to the presence of only one electric furnace in the city. Furthermore, more new furnaces will also be installed at the Kiran Chandra Burning Ghat. It is to recall, the electric furnace at the ghat remained shut down till Friday evening due to malfunction of main panel of the furnace. The furnace later started operating with the help of a temporary panel. 

This morning, SMC BoA Goutam Deb reached  Kiran Chandra Burning Ghat to take stock of the situation. During this, he interacted with the employees of the ghat. Deb said that a new panel will be installed in 2-3 weeks. Also, new furnaces will be installed. In addition to this, the administration is planning to build a cremation ground in the Porajhar area.

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