Man confesses to have killed person over old dispute

Naxalbari, 06th November: Sensation prevailed after an incident of murder came to light in the Kiranchandra garden area of ​​Naxalbari due to an old dispute. The deceased has been identified as Bikash Munda (37).

It has been learned that Bikash Munda attacked a man named Farianas Minj, a few days ago. The latter somehow survived the incident. Last night, a scuffle broke out between the duo once again. In the course, Farianas killed Bikash. The accused confessed his crime on Saturday morning.

According to sources, Farianas Minj killed Bikash's father in the same way, 25 years ago.

Naxalbari police recovered the body and sent it to North Bengal Medical College and Hospital for autopsy. An investigation has been launched into the incident.

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