Locals demand immediate repairment of V.I.P Road in Siliguri

Siliguri, 31st July: The dilapidated roadways along V.I.P Road connected to the Asian Highway have become the key reason for several accidents in the area.

The locals alleged that the V.I.P Road, starting from Tinbatti More to NJP station, is lying in a pitiful condition for the past several days due to which the locals are facing a lot of difficulties. A large number of vehicles ply through this route which risks the lives of many. Despite reporting the matter to the administration several times, locals alleged that no steps have been taken so far.

Local traders claimed that although they have adopted temporary solutions to repair the road, no major benefit could be accomplished. Hence, they demanded a permanent solution in this regard.

One thought on “Locals demand immediate repairment of V.I.P Road in Siliguri

  1. Senorita says:

    Not only VIP……lot many roads r in pitiful conditions……..so many accidents……vehicles get damaged…..elderly having problems in driving……youngsters n students n working class like us rough time travelling…..trying to avoid potholes n getting hit by others…….really bad picture of shiliguri……..feel very sad

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