Jalpaiguri district police initiated the issuance of identity cards to 'Patha Bandhus'

Jalpaiguri, 06th September: On Monday, identity cards and jackets were handed over to 29 'Patha Bandhus' under Jalpaiguri Kotwali Police Station as per the initiative of the district police. Besides, first aid kits were also handed over to them.

The appointed Patha Bandhus said that if any accident occurs, they immediately reach the scene and start rescue work. However, they faced difficulties due to the absence of identity cards. With the jackets and identity cards now provided to them, they said that their work will be facilitated to a great extent.

According to police sources, there are about 300 Patha Bandhus in all the blocks of the district. On average, there are 30 people in each police station area.

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