Indian Tea Workers Union organized Gate meeting in Bijlimoni Tea Garden

Kharibari, 09th April: Ahead of the assembly election, a gate meeting was organized, on behalf of the Indian Tea Workers Union in the Bijlimoni Tea garden of the Phansidewa assembly constituency. The tea workers were assured of all possible help at the gate meeting.

Meanwhile, a request was made to vote in favour of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) candidate Durga Murmu. The BJP candidate was accompanied by BTWU Phansidewa block president Rajkumar Kindo, local activists, and tea workers were present during the meeting.

Candidate Durga Murmu said that under the leadership of Mamta Banerjee, the state government did not work for public interest including tea workers, while the central government under BJP has always worked in the interest of tea workers. He further promised the formation of the BJP government will solve the problems of tea workers, the daily minimum income of tea plantation workers will be Rs 350 and workers of tea garden will be given land leases.

Durga Murmu said that during the gate meeting, the tea workers assured support and with the support of the people, BJP will form the government in West Bengal with the majority votes.

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