Impact of Siliguri Times' news: Three arrested for running a gambling den under guise of fair

Siliguri, 21st May: After the news of a gambling den operating under the guise of a fair was brought to light by Siliguri Times, the cops of Pradhan Nagar police station jumped into action and conducted a raid. Three people were arrested for illegally running a gambling den in a fair that is being held in the city's Ward No. 02. The arrested have been identified as Dilip Shah (52), Sanjeev Shah (42), Mani Kumar Rai (62).

It is to be noted, fairs are being organized in different parts of Siliguri. However, several gambling dens are sneakily operating in these fairs right under the nose of the administration. Our correspondent learned that a few people were running the gambling den in the fair by setting up a separate room with the help of the Fair Organizing Committee. To bring the matter to light, our team conducted a sting operation in which several elders, as well as underage individuals, are seen indulging themselves in gambling.

Once the news was published, the Pradhan Nagar police launched a campaign last night, under the leadership of IC Subhasish Chaki, and arrested three people for illegally running a gambling den in the fair. Today all three were presented in the Siliguri court.

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