I will resign as MLA if all allegations against me are proved: Shankar Ghosh

Siliguri, 18th September: MLA Shankar Ghosh held a press conference on Saturday surrounding the recent conflict inside the vaccination center in front of Tarun Tirtha Club in Bharatnagar.

During the conference, Ghosh said "If I abuse a woman and if it is proven, I will resign from my post. This incident should be investigated once again." He further said that he is ready for whatever cooperation is needed on his part to bring out the truth of this incident. Meanwhile, the woman who had lodged a written complaint against the MLA is unwilling to address the media over this issue.

Shankar Ghosh said that the incident needs to come to light. A woman is being used for politics. False allegations are being made.

Incidentally, TMC was accused of harassing Shankar Ghosh outside the vaccination center in front of Tarun Tirtha Club in Bharatnagar.
The MLA lodged a complaint at the Siliguri police station. Following this, a counter-complaint was lodged against Ghosh on behalf of a woman in Ward No. 24. The woman submitted a statement to the police claiming that Shankar Ghosh arrived at the vaccination center with outsiders and created unrest, on Wednesday. She further accused the MLA of pushing her due to which she sustained some injuries.

However, the MLA claimed that false accusations were made against him.

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