From Rs 900 to Rs 1 Crore, four friends strike jackpot in Rajganj

Rajganj, 02nd June: In an astounding turn of events, a group of four friends struck gold after pooling their resources to purchase a lottery ticket worth Rs 900, only to find themselves walking away with a staggering prize of Rs 1 crore. The news of this life-changing windfall has sent shockwaves through the Lal School Balabari area, where the fortunate ticket was purchased.

According to reports, the incident unfolded on Thursday morning when Nurul Islam, the owner of a local lottery shop in the Lal School Balabari area, was left with lottery ticket valued at Rs 900 that had not been sold. Nurul reached out to three of his close friends from nearby shops, informing them about the unsold ticket. Without wasting a moment, the four friends pooled their money to purchase the lottery ticket. Little did they know that their seemingly ordinary decision would soon catapult them into unimaginable wealth.

Moments of disbelief and overwhelming joy washed over the friends when they realized that they had won the coveted first prize in the lottery they had just acquired. Ecstatic and elated, they quickly shared the news with their community, causing a frenzy of excitement to sweep across the Lal School Balabari area.

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