DMDC and Civil Defense volunteers conduct awareness campaign in Mirik

Mirik, 24th July: As the number of coronavirus positive cases is skyrocketing in the Darjeeling District, it is becoming increasingly crucial for people to have awareness and knowledge regarding COVID-19, how the virus spreads, and the reasoning behind measures like social distancing. 

In light of the circumstances, the Mirik Subdivision Administration is conducting several awareness camps daily in the town. Likewise, on Friday too, the officials carried out a camp in Sourenee Bazaar during which the people were urged not to crowd public places, maintain social distance and wear face coverings or mouth masks.

Civil Defense volunteers led by Deputy Magistrate and Deputy Collector (DMDC) Mridul Srimani of Mirik subdivision requested every citizen to follow all protocols in order to save themselves as well as their family from the fatal novel coronavirus. The DMDC himself took to the streets to make people aware of the importance of wearing mouth masks, leading a healthy lifestyle and the role of the administration itself to protect them.

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