Department of Animal Resources Development distributed chicks to Rajganj's women to help them be self-reliant

Rajganj, 19th February: To help the women of Rajganj become self-reliant, the Department of Animal Resources Development has come up with a programme where 2900 women will be distributed chicks belonging to high-quality chicken breeds. Each woman will receive 5 chicks.

Umashankar Sen, on behalf of the Department of Animal Resources Development, stated that 1600 members of the Women Self Help Group under the Rajganj block were distributed chicks of Rhode Island Red (RiR) chickens. These chickens are good egg layers but can be raised for both meat and egg production. The RiR chickens lay more eggs than chickens belonging to a normal breed. They can lay around 200–300 brown eggs per year, and yield rich-flavored meat too. Hence the Department of Animal Resources Development will distribute the RiR chicks to the women of the block so that can earn a living and become self-reliant. The women were also given out poultry farming guide books.

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