Couple troubled by land mafia in Devidanga Kalkut Siliguri

Siliguri, 11th January: Encroachment, trade of land with fake documents has become a regular phenomenon in Siliguri for the past few years. However, after Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee directed the police administration to crack down on land mafia, the menace has been controlled to some extent.

Reportedly, a couple residing in Devidanga Kalkut under SMC Ward No. 46 has been facing atrocity of the land mafia for the last few days. The couple, Pankaj Singh and his wife Kiran Singh said that they bought a 3 kattha land in the area 8 years ago. Allegedly, as soon as they commenced the construction work of their house on it, the local land mafias started harassing them. The land mafia broke down the boundary wall overnight.

The couple alleged that despite informing the police in this regard, it seems like the land mafia is backed by the police. With no option left, the couple has sought help from the Police Commissionerate. The couple maintained that they possess all the documents of the land.

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