Behrupiyas snatch away money, Siliguri Traffic police jumps into action

Siliguri, 29th July: A person was robbed in broad daylight after two behrupiyas snatched away his money. However, with the promptness of the police, the victim, Suryadipta Acharya, got his money back.

As per the report, Suryadipta Acharya, a resident of Siliguri's Shaktigarh, was confronted by two behrupiyas this morning. They asked him for some money. However, as soon as he took out the money from his pocket, the duo snatched two Rs 500 notes from his hands and ran away. 

After this Suryadipta informed the traffic police regarding the incident. Acting promptly, the police nabbed the duo and returned the money to its rightful owner.

Behrupiyas, their name derived from ‘bahu-roop or ‘many forms’ in Sanskrit, were the original entertainers on streets and in the courts of kings. At present, they don different disguises to perform various roles – ranging from despicable beggars to revered Hindu gods.

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