Barbers of Rajganj block decide not to attend social events amid the lockdown

Rajganj, 17th May: During a meeting at Rajganj Fatapukur on Sunday, the barbers of Rajganj block decided not to attend any social event amid the ongoing lockdown period as they are still being deprived of government facilities and insurance.

Rajganj Block Barbers’ Shil Samannay Samiti Secretary Chobilal Shil stated that there are more than 600 barbers in the Rajganj block. And, they have no source of income ever since the nation-wide lockdown was imposed and only around 282 barbers have been provided with ration so far.

Chobilal Shil further stated that since all the salons and shops are shut down due to the nation-wide lockdown, barbers are required the most in various social events. Hence, keeping their safety in mind, the Samiti members have decided not to attend any event without proper insurance facilities. He also warned that if any member of the association does not abide by the rules, a fine of five thousand rupees will be imposed on him and will also be handed over to the police.

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