Bar Association staged agitation against the removal of Darjeeling Mail stoppage from Jalpaiguri

Jalpaiguri, 15th January: The railway management has decided to remove the Darjeeling Mail Stoppage from Jalpaiguri. The Darjeeling Mail will depart from New Jalpaiguri station on 10th April. Protesting against the incident, today, the Jalpaiguri High Court Bar Association and other mass organizations staged an agitation.

The Jalpaiguri High Court Bar Association, today, penned down for around two hours against the decision taken by the Railways, halted their work and staged a rally. The Bar Association has demanded that the Railways change their decision or the agitation would continue.

During a press conference, on Tuesday, the Vice President of the Bar Association in the District Sessions Court, Gautam Pal stated that the works will be halted for a period of 2 hours and a rally will be staged in the city protesting against this decision.

Kamalkrishna Bandopadhyay, the President of the Bar Association of the Circuit Bench stated that they wanted the Darjeeling Mail to run as usual. He further stated that they were opposing the decision taken by the Railways. He also stated that electrification should be arranged till Haldibari. He further warned that the agitation would continue until the Railways change their decision.

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