Ban on loudspeakers during Madhyamik examination in Jalpaiguri

Jalpaiguri, 20th February: The administration has banned the loudspeakers in view of the Madhyamik examinations. Despite the ban, loudspeakers were being used at the Beguntari More area of ​​Jalpaiguri, on Wednesday.

In this context, the Kotwali Police launched a campaign and seized the loudspeakers. In this context, IC Vishwashray Sarkar of the Kotwali Police station stated that the loudspeakers are still being used during the Madhyamik examinations despite the ban. He added that actions are being taken against such occurrences according to the law.

2 thoughts on “Ban on loudspeakers during Madhyamik examination in Jalpaiguri

  1. Prabir Kumar Talapatra says:

    Air horn is being used in two wheeler, four wheeler and all buses including school buses for children. Sound pollution is very dangerous for the people which many are not aware of. Sound affects brain which causes high pressure etc. District Administration is just keeping eyes / ear shut.

  2. Ani says:

    Loudspeakers and Dj boxes are being used at the time of Marriage processions and fire crackers are also used at the Exam time. Administration should interfere in these matters seriously.

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