Absence of teachers in Lakshmisthan Primary School in Rajganj frustrates locals

Rajganj, 14th March: The teachers of the Lakshmisthan Primary School in Rajganj do not come to school regularly and are absent in most of the classes. The students of the school are also not provided with proper mid-day meals. Hence, the parents and the guardians of the students along with the locals staged a protest, today, in the school against the current scenario. The locals alleged that the teachers arrive at school after 11 am and leave whenever they feel like. Only 5 out of 11 teachers, who arrived at school after 11 am, were present in the school, today. When questions were raised against the school management, in this regard, no proper answers were provided.

However, the Principal of the school, Prashant Das, stated that all the teachers arrive at school regularly and on time. He further alleged that some teachers were not able to come to school due to some reasons and that the locals were falsely accusing the teachers. Meanwhile, Rajiv Chakraborty, the Inspector of the Cooperative school, has assured to take strict action regarding the matter.

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