World Homeopathy Day celebrated in Siliguri

Siliguri, 23rd April: The Siliguri Homoeopathic Doctors’ Welfare and Research Foundation organized a program to celebrate World Homeopathy Day and the 268th birth anniversary of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the father of Homeopathy, on Sunday. The event took place at the Siliguri Mahakma Parishad hall and was attended by several doctors and practitioners of homeopathy.

During the program, the doctors paid tribute to Dr. Samuel Hahnemann by lighting a lamp in his memory. The event also provided an opportunity for the doctors to discuss various aspects of homeopathy treatment. Dr. Abhijeet Roy, the secretary of the organization, emphasized that the primary goal of homeopathy treatment is to make people healthy without any side effects.

There was a special discussion on this issue, and it was noted that the trend of people towards homeopathy treatment is increasing. The event was a significant opportunity for the doctors and practitioners of homeopathy to come together and promote the benefits of this alternative form of medicine in improving people’s health.

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