Workers staged protest in demand of 19 percent bonus in Naxalbari’s Belgachi Tea Estate

Naxalbari, 13th October: The tea workers of Belgachi Tea Estate in Naxalbari halted their work and staged a protest demanding a 19 percent bonus.

According to reports, on Friday, the tea workers protested demanding a 19 percent bonus instead of 18 percent. They alleged that despite working tirelessly in unfavorable conditions throughout the year, the owners are delaying the bonus. A few days ago, 19 percent of bonus was agreed upon in the CCPA meeting in Kolkata, however, the owners allegedly refused to give the bonus. In this regard, the tea workers stated that they would continue the protest in demand for the bonus.

Meanwhile, Tea Estate Manager Ajit Prasad stated that the 18 percent bonus was decided in the meeting held in Jalpaiguri and not in Kolkata. He added that the bonus was provided today but the tea workers refused to receive it. However, the Manager has assured to discuss the matter with the workers.

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