Workers of Haldia Precision Engineering Pvt Ltd stage sit-in protest demanding fair bonus

Siliguri, 16th October: The workers of Haldia Precision Engineering Pvt Ltd and the labourers of the staff union staged a sit-in protest demanding fair bonus.

The workers stated that they have been receiving a bonus at a rate of 20 percent for a long time. However, this time, the authorities have reduced their bonus rate to 8.33 percent.

Workers' union leader and Dabgram Fulbari block INTTUC president Sukanta Kar stated that they will not accept a bonus less than 20 percent under any circumstances. Hence, they staged a protest outside the factory.

Following the demonstartion, Sukanta Kar and Fulbari INTTUC President Yanul Haque Munshi held a meeting with the factory authorities. Kar stated that the concerned authorities have assured to look into the matter. After receiving proper assurance, the protestors lifted the demonstration.

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